The 15, soon one more metro line in Gennevilliers

The Agnettes district will be completely overwhelmed with the arrival of the 15 metro line.

This is an urban and environmental project for Agnettes
Urban within 2 sense, because we want to "make the city" and we will do it with respect and courtesy with the population.

It is ambitious because the area will be transformed with heavy rehabilitation of towers Agnettes and Lamour building (which we would like to have an early authorization of start of work), the construction of 600 housing units in accession diversified ownership and rebuilding 100 social housing. We ask reconstruct a small part in social housing for the population do not live that only accession is new. This also ensures the residential course within the neighborhood: social housing low-rent, nine more, social access, private accession.

"Making the city" makes us reflect requalify public spaces improve their collective and individual purposes, to develop soft mobility in connection with collective living spaces with a greenway linking the southern district with the city center .
Two reasons argue for a partial demolition and not its total demolition:
1. financial and human demolition of 568 dwellings is not credible as it was rehabilitated there is not so long
2. accommodation is very spacious and appreciated.

And 3 reasons argue for a significant intervention in this building:
• we have to use the back of the building issues. Housing construction along the street will provide an urban animation, occupancy and use and requalification of spaces.

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Dear (s) Guest ,,

You just moved there, you come to work or you just visiting, Gennevilliers and Tourist Office Tourist Office are happy to welcome you in this Municipality in northern Paris region.

The Tourist Office site allows you to take a virtual tour with 360 ° of our city.

Spreading fields sewers of Paris from the 19th to the 20th century, Gennevilliers has become a modern city, caring and daring.

  • Gennevilliers industrial companies with very high technology,
  • Gennevilliers and its river port that you can visit during a cruise on the Seine,
  • Gennevilliers cultural with its National Theater, its conservatory, libraries, media libraries and artistic creations and plastic spaces,
  • Gennevilliers sport with its nautical center and fitness, its stages rugby, football, athletics, tennis, equestrian center and countless gyms. All these facilities are connected by the green corridor, its recreation parks that cross Gennevilliers.
  • Gennevilliers festive with its parade of floats made by the triennial Gennevillois, led by the House of Cultural Development and all events organized by volunteers from the Tourist Office.

Our website allows you to find other information about hotels, restaurants, calendar of associations and activities.

The Tourist Office, its reception staff, volunteers are at your disposal to meet your needs and assist you in your visit to Gennevilliers.

Enjoy your stay and see you soon.

Enjoy your visit

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