Cycle paths

Improved cycle tracks aims to create new routes, improve the safety of those existing and to include new developments.



Propose bike routes on unfilled courses for:

- Ensuring continuity inter district and inter-network
- Encourage intermodality with public transport, particularly at the RER and metro stations
- Increasing bicycle routes 15 kms

Improve circulation cyclists on routes already provided for:
- a travel safety - better readability
- staking bonds

Complete installations:
- Consider the establishment of cycle double-direction in zone 30
- Redesigning intersections (CG92 & city)
- Bicycle parking Parks


The various cycling facilities identified:

1 - The bicycle path
It is a road development exclusively for cyclists. There are two types of bike paths:

- unidirectional
- bidirectional

It has a minimum width of 1.50 m (Not marked) unidirectional, 2,50m (excluding marking) bidirectional in dense urban environments.

2 - The bicycle lane
This is a one-way lane for cyclists and integrated on the pavement. It is only limited by a floor marking. The recommended minimum width is 1.50m (not marked) is 1.80 with the marking.

3 - The shared space
Pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles circulate together there, this space is without materially marked separation devices. There are three types of shared space:

- cyclists / pedestrians
- bicycle / motor vehicle
- cyclists / pedestrians / motorized vehicles

On one-way street, against the nonsense is allowed.


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