father Chronicles Gégène

Father Gégène who am I?

They call me "Father Gégène" I am an old heart of gennevillois. I was born in 1928 in this still rural town with farms, fields, its ...


Gennevilliers the Early 20th Century

Hi, I'm the "Father Gégène" Eugene for short, an old inhabitant of Gennevilliers. I was born in 1928, the city was still rural with farms, fields, ...


Cinéma Jean Vigo

Hi, I'm the "Father Gégène" Eugene for friends, I am an old inhabitant of Gennevilliers. At the time I was born, in 1928, the city was still rural ...


The Mandolin Circle of Gennevilliers

Me, "Father Gégène" 86 years, Eugene for short, I have always lived in Gennevilliers. I was born in 1928, the city was still rural with farms, fields, its ...


The 1910 floods

"One day in September 1909, says my grandfather, I was going over the valley that borders my garden to fill holes and burrows dug that rabbits. "It is appropriate to maintain these ...


War of 1914-1918

"Three years, they are crazy. Ah, if they had listened to Jean Jaurès * the war would have taken another turn. Indeed that is why he was murdered July 31 ...


The Fusilles Chateaubriant

The Agnettes, October 2012, the sapphire the old gramophone Radiola scratching grooves of vinyl Jean Ferrat * "Night and Fog" ** ... the scratching of the disc wear awaken in me ...


The Château de Gennevilliers

Born in 1928, I spent my schooling at the Pasteur school than boys. At the time there was always that of girls and boys, the co-education ...


Cross district Vignes

You know me now I am the father Gégène. I was living then in 50 years, rue Jeanne d'Arc. Right next to the Camélinat Boulevard Zephirin his first name **, which ...


Little Church History and jeans Grandel Square

By tradition our family is Christian like most of the peasants of France. Tradition does not always mean practicing because few of my ancestors go to Mass ...


Personalities of Gennevilliers

They lived in Gennevilliers It came to me in mind, with age I start to lose it, I have not told you about our illustrious inhabitants. It is necessary…


Dupressoir street

It was 50 years in the street Dupressoir (Maybe the press?) I, Father Gégène old gennevillois, will tell you the lives of two young men living in the street ...


the Biffins

The infantrymen of Mourinoux In chronicling the street Dupressoir I spoke of two pals and Yvon Lucien who spent their youth in the neighborhood Grésillons. ...


The Rue de la Couture Auxerre

In the early 20th century Gennevilliers went from agricultural use to industrial use. The major crop areas were invested by industrialists who left Paris to build it ...


The music and the record of my age 78s to CD


Youth Remembrance: slush CITY

First episode: In 50 years, Gennevilliers had not the means of transportation today. No metro or RER but our wealth was in ditches, ditch ...


Seine and Moulin de Cage and JB Clément

Child I spent a lot of time with my grandfather. Overthrown by a cart he no longer had all his physical abilities. His aching back the too often forced to ...

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Dear hosts,

You have just moved there, you come to work or you come to visit, Gennevilliers and its Tourist Office Syndicat d'Initiative are happy to welcome you in this Municipality in the north of the Paris region.

The Tourist Office website allows you to take a 360 ° virtual tour of our city.

From the spreading fields of Paris sewers from the 19th to the 20th century, Gennevilliers has become a modern, united and daring city.

  • Gennevilliers the industrialist with its very high technology companies,
  • Gennevilliers and its river port that you can visit during a cruise on the Seine,
  • Cultural Gennevilliers with its National Theater, its conservatory, its libraries-media libraries and its spaces for artistic and plastic creations,
  • Gennevilliers the sportswoman with its nautical and fitness center, its rugby, football, athletics, tennis stadiums, its equestrian center and its innumerable gymnasiums. All these infrastructures are linked by the green belt, its recreation and leisure parks which cross Gennevilliers.
  • Gennevilliers la festive with its three-year parade of floats made by the Gennevillois, piloted by the House of Cultural Development and all the events organized by volunteers from the Tourist Office.

Our site allows you to find other information on the hotel industry, catering, the agenda of Associations and their activities.

The Tourist Office, its reception staff and volunteers are at your entire disposal to meet your needs and accompany you on your visit to Gennevilliers.

Enjoy your stay and see you soon.

Enjoy your visit

Noel Joubert President of the OTSI