Green spaces

Service Landscaping is composed of 41 people including 34 gardeners, its main tasks are:

  • Manage and maintain 70 hectares of municipal parks.
  • Ensure maintenance and replacement of 10,395 trees in the city.
  • Bloom the city with the production of the municipal greenhouses.
  • Realizing the development or redevelopment projects in collaboration with the General Directorate of Urban Planning (DGAUE) and the design office of the Directorate of Technical Services.
  • Make the decorations municipal public events.
  • Intervening as a partner in the landscaping on the BIA where the Mixed Society for the Development of Gennevilliers (SEMAG) intervenes.
  • Manage and maintain the plant hydroponic tanks in the administrative center.
  • Participate in the environmental initiatives (spring market, Environment Day)

Squares and parks Gennevilliers

In Agnettes

  • Chopin Square
    Area: 6500 m²
    Frederick Chopin Street
  • Square Chateaubriant
    Area: 5800 m²
    Julien-Mocquard streets and Chateaubriant

A Chandon-Brenu

  • Green corridor of the sports park
    Area: 62 700 sqm
    Rue Henri Barbusse, Laurent Cely avenues and Chandon and driveway Joseph Kosma
  • Green corridor Debussy / Barbusse
    Area: 7600 m²
    Avenue Debussy, Henri Barbusse streets and well-Guyon

In Chevrins Cité-Jardins

  • Square René-Sévi
    Area: 1800 m²
    Street Chevreul, Richelieu and Pierre and Marie Curie

In Ditch-of-l'Aumône

  • • Square Square Villon Francois Villon
    Area: 3250 m²
    Rue François Villon
  • Mozart Square
    Area: 9500 m²
    Mozart Streets, Hector Berlioz and Place Jules Guesde
  • • Square Square Robespierre Robespierre
    Area: 3460 m²
    rue Robespierre

In Grésillons

  • Square Camille Bramble
    Area: 15 000 sq.m.
    Streets of 19 March 1962, Paul-Vaillant-Couturier, Danton and Louis Castel
  • Green corridor Missak-Manouchian
    Area: 14,000 m²
    Chandon Avenue Street of 19 March 1962 and alleys Missak Manouchian
  • Garden Chenard-Walcker
    Area: 5700 m²
    Avenue Chenard-Walcker
  • Square of Gresillons • Square Grésillons (74-115)
    Area: 8500 m²
    Georges-Jew's mallow and Nazet Streets

at Lute

  • Square Eugène Varlin
    Area: 5600 m²
    Avenue Lucien Lanternier and Eugène-Varlin street
  • Square of Bonnequins
    Size: 13 100 m²
    Eugène Delacroix Streets, Maurice Ravel and went Edouard Manet

At the village

  • Square of Peace
    Area: 2600 m²
    Street of Peace

On the Activities Area

01 green casting

  • Park Sevines
    Area: 122,500 m², of Mill Cage, Charles Lacoste and Louis Roche Avenue

Chanteraines Park

With its pond, nature reserve, lawns, valleys, groves and gardens of flowers, water games, waterfalls and mist effects, his farm and organic garden, its fishing zone, his circus, his pony club and her game Chanteraines the park is a place of discovery, relaxation, sports and games for all. It integrates with the blue promenade along the banks of the Seine. Buissonniers of course, that allow any Alto-Sequani to find nature in less than a quarter of an hour on foot. And, also, in the park, departmental programs offer supervised activities free, accessible to all.

The Chanteraines park offers visitors many valleys, groves and lawns. walking trails can borrow are bordered by thickets of trees such as oak, elm, maple, hornbeam and many others.
An annual program of landscaped redevelopment and restoration plantings keeps the plant heritage site, hiding the industrial area along the Avenue Charles de Gaulle.

The walk can begin towards Gennevilliers or Villeneuve-la-Garenne. It can discover the different contours of the park.

By Tilliers sector, refreshed by the waters of the lake and the nature reserve, it is possible to go to the High-Bornes and then, crossing the Charles de Gaulle Boulevard to access Betrothed sector where a lie small pond, games of water and misting effects flowing from the Mariners sector ground.The is located along the pier overlooking the banks of the Seine. Along plot of 550 m and a width of approximately 23 m, extends between the bridge and Epinay Avenue Philippe Lebon about the town of Gennevilliers. The sleepers of the railway were reused to reduce railway route of the train Chanteraines, allowing to create a space of comfortable and green promenade for pedestrians and cyclists.
An avenue of three meters wide meanders through unspoilt meadows opening space of the ride on the Seine and the train. She punctuated seven squares and with benches and chaise lounges for taking the time to enjoy the view of the Seine. This landscaped route is a stretch of the Blue Promenade departmental diagram buissonniers course.
The Louvresses sector is composed of an alternation of open areas (meadows, row crops) and closed (groves mails), interspersed with rows of trees that punctuate the scene. Midway 4 meters wide makes the connection between all these spaces and is punctuated by three plots located near major feeder roads. Plots offer rest and relaxation areas in a more intimate setting. The three fields (messicole, flowery and ruderal) offer a variety of flowers that will decline from the beginning of spring. The stones with a pink tone bordering the aisle are from the recovery site materials.


The Chanteraines railway: a different view of the park ...

Finally, for a complete and relaxing discovery, railway Chanteraines crosses the whole park, offering a 5.5 km circuit. From the station at Epinay bridge, crosses the Betrothed, along the pond Hautes Bornes to stop in its terminus, near the RER station Gennevilliers, after crossing the Tilliers sector.

Hives abuzz in the Park

The bees return to work within six hives present in the garden of the senses and 3 hives vegetable farm. Depending on weather conditions, the beekeeper will be able to proceed with its review of fall. If the weather permits, they can open up hives to see the condition of the brood, which is all the eggs, larvae, nymphs, protected by nurses (worker bees).


Change of scenery and sensations guaranteed for beginners as insiders.

The Hauts-de-Seine possess with Aqua 92 second deepest pit of Europe within the regional park Chanteraines. Bordering the park, 5 km north of Paris and easy access, it is more than just dive site is a suburban underwater center, unique in Europe for its design and futuristic style.

What are the facilities of the center?

This recreation area and drive boasts impressive facilities with 4 pools including 3 pools, informed and connected by a side basin.


  • 1 pool with a depth of 2.3 m, length 20 x 5 m;
  • 1 pit of 5 m (diameter 8 m);
  • 1 pit of 10 m (diameter 6 m);
  • 1 pit of 20 m (diameter 6 m) - water temperature: 29 ° C.

Since 1993, the General Council of Hauts-de-Seine told national sports outdoor centers Union (UCPA) management and coordination of the diving center Aqua92 at Villeneuve-la-Garenne.

Is the center open to all?

The dive center is open to the public (certificate Level 1 + diving required certificate of non-cons noted) but also hosts school groups, professionals and clubs.
You can prepare the transition from elementary patent, as well as federal patents.

useful information

Aqua 92 - Diving Center UCPA
119, Charles de Gaulle Boulevard

92390 Villeneuve-la-Garenne
Téléphone: 01 40 85 81 28 / Télécopie: 01 47 98 59 36
E-mail : /


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