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Find books:
- Gennevilliers from A to Z at a price of 23 €:
For those who wish to discover Gennevilliers, Jocelyne Tournet-Lammer offers twenty-six sometimes picturesque and often unexpected aspects of the life of the town. In his Gennevilliers from A to Z, the author approaches from an original angle the progressive evolution of the urban landscape, the economic life with in particular the automobile and aeronautical construction, the shipyards and the autonomous port.
But there is more: the course of cultural life, labor, leisure, artists of all kinds who lingered in Gennevilliers are also gathered in this book. And the company Ciné-Tirage Maurice or the Society for the protection of animals legitimately have their place there. Even if Jocelyne Tournet-Lammer's choices are nonetheless subjective, they help give Gennevilliers an endearing dimension for all those interested in local life and history. The twenty-six chapters of this book therefore contribute to a fine enhancement of the heritage of this loop of the Seine.
After notably two books on Gennevilliers in the Mémoire en Images collection, Jocelyne Tournet-Lammer offers a complete and original guide to the history of the city. Thanks to meticulous research, the author succeeds in identifying Gennevilliers as closely as possible to the reality of yesterday and today.

- Memories in Images Gennevilliers at a rate of 19 €:
Gennevilliers can be proud to count among its illustrious hosts Louis XV, Marshal Duke of Richelieu or the Manet family, made up of influential magistrates.
Edouard Manet, the painter, contributes to the fame of the city by attracting the Impressionists.
With the support of documents from the collection of Michel Marchand, the Municipal Archives or the Historical Society, among others, the author evokes some scenes from a very rich agricultural and industrial past: the importance of culture market gardening, the establishment of major industries, the construction of bridges and connection to the railway network promoting economic development, the project to create the port of Paris ...
This book thus illustrates the daily life of a rural society which flourishes and changes in a few years thanks to technological and industrial progress. Witness of a change, the iconography presented becomes emblematic of a municipality turned towards the future.

- Memories in Images Gennevilliers Tome II at the rate of 19 €:
After evoking the districts of Grésillons, the Village, the Cité-Jardins, the agricultural past and the start of the industrial boom of Gennevilliers, the author now recounts, over time, the past of little Gennevilliers made famous by the Impressionists, that of Villeneuve-La-Garenne, in 1929, became an independent municipality. The location of the Port is also covered ...
Over time, the old districts change appearance, social life evolves and urban planning too. The floods then the wars oblige to rebuild. Industrial expansion and the massive influx of labor required the construction of buildings, then large complexes. Technological and social advancements are creating a new lifestyle.
These images taken from Michel Marchand's precious collection, the documentary and iconographic wealth of the Municipal Archives, among other resources, attempt to demonstrate once again that Gennevilliers is resolutely turned towards the future.

- Demobilized at Saint Glin-Glin at the rate of 18 € 90:
Called up to defend his homeland in 1914, Sergeant Etienne Mezey impatiently awaits his demobilization, which will only take place in November 1919. Why did his comrades of the same age group return to their homes? He will gradually understand the intrigue of which he is the object. The return to social life of demobilized soldiers is difficult. Etienne witnesses the difficulties of finding his place in a changed world traumatized by this war.
Gennevillois author Mr Gérard DUVERNE.

- The stigmata of a broken heart at a rate of 20 € :
Julia, a history student, places an ad for a summer job with her baker. She is hired by Suzanne, a retiree, who needs help to be driven to the Dauphiné with her family. Confiding in Julia, Suzanne portrays a happy childhood and then a nightmarish adolescence. From confidences to revelations, the secrets are revealed little by little, revealing a frightful plot against him. Suzanne, torn between revolt and hope, will discover at her expense a ferocious adult world.
Gennevillois author Mr Gérard DUVERNE.

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