Théâtre de Gennevilliers

T2G: Théâtre de Gennevilliers

Direction : Daniel Jeanneteau
National Drama Center of Contemporary Creation

The Théâtre de Gennevilliers (T2G) is a national dramatic center of the author and French director Pascal Rambert has turned into a national drama center for contemporary creation when he took charge in 2007. The T2G is near northern suburbs from Paris. That is, it is located at the epicenter of what is now modern society: crossing migration, social and ethnic mixités, insecurity, acceleration of trade.

T2G heard together - thanks to the art - these opposites: the local and the global in bringing together local stakeholders (spectators, people ...) with the major artists of the French and international scene forming a catalog with strict artistic line in the manner of a publishing house. T2G, produced, co-produced or present exclusively to contemporary art (theater, dance, opera, contemporary art, philosophy, cinema).

T2G does not Repertory Theater. T2G is open to the city by opening all rehearsals residents and maintaining since 2007 writing workshops where more than 300 people regularly attend. People that are found in the shows, films, installations or artist pictures invited to come create "in situ". LeT2G turns its productions in France and abroad. T2G is defined as a place where art is conceived as an experiment.


Useful information

Théâtre de Gennevilliers
Founder Bernard Sobel
Daniel Jeanneteau Directorate
41 Avenue Grésillons
92230 Gennevilliers
Standard + 33 [0] January 41 32 26 10
Reservations + 33 [0] 1 41 32 26 26



  • Full price : 22
  • Reduced fares :

· 15 for seniors, residents of 92 culture professionals and national education
· 11 for under 30, students, intermittent, unemployed, members at the House of Artists.
· 9 for residents of Gennevilliers Asnieres and Clichy
· 8 for school groups
· 5 for under 12

Throughout the year the theater organizes free tours for all audiences, on condition that a minimum of 10 people.



Metro: Line 13 - [management Asnieres-Gennevilliers, Gabriel Péri Station [15 minutes from Place de Clichy] output [1] and follow the red and white striped arrows Buren
Bus: Line 54 [Gabriel Péri management; Stopping Place Voltaire]
Shuttles back to Paris some evenings
Access by car: From Paris - Porte de Clichy Clichy center management. Turn immediately left after the Pont de Clichy Asnieres management center, then first right, direction Place Voltaire then again the first right, Grésillons Avenue.
From the A 86: 5 Exit Direction Asnières / Gennevilliers center / Gennevilliers Lute. paying car park nearby.


the Food'Art

Restaurant within T2G, friendly, easy to find before or after the show. Such. + 33 [0] 1 47 93 77 18


Pascal Rambert, director from 2007 to 2016

Away from any narrative process, Pascal Rambert tries to understand reality. It attempts to give voice and body, renewing the means and forms of temporary community what a show. Abandoning the usual modes of writing, the stereotypes of the fable or the staging, he designed shows, between performances and installations, attentive to the "reality of transformations."
Deeply imbued with contemporary art and philosophy, his works are 'white' proposals or viewer is invited to "write" on the inside.
Pascal Rambert was first marked by Pina Bausch and Claude Régy. After a stint at the Chaillot school with Antoine Vitez, he alternates writing and staging, and became director of his own parts. He works in the US and Japan, convinced that the hexagonal theater must be enriched by foreign experience. He taught at several US universities and Dramatic Institute in Damascus. He also directed several short films. His shows run in France, the US and Japan. He is director of the Théâtre de Gennevilliers since January 2007.


Bernard Sobel, director from 1963 to 2006

Trainee at the Berliner Ensemble in 1957, Bernard Sobel are realized in 1960 its first staging of a play by Brecht, "The Exception and the Rule," before being seconded as assistant to Jean Vilar for his staging of "Arturo Ui". He founded in 1963 the Gennevilliers Theatrical Ensemble promoted twenty years later the National Drama Center, a place in which he has with the work of Brecht assiduous dialogue: "Man to Man", already in 1970, "Roundheads and pointed heads "in 1973," The Fragment Fatzeren "1981" The good soul Se Chuan "(Sandrine Bonnaire), in 1990," The Mother by Gorky "(with Maria Casarès) in 1991.


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