Your Opinion on Gennevilliers

Do you think the city has evolved? in good ? bad? Do you want to stay in Gennevilliers? to go elsewhere? How do you judge the work of the new municipality?

For over twenty years, opinion polls taking the pulse of Gennevillois. The latest survey was conducted between 30 November and 4 December last year, the research firm and consultancy ORGECO, to know the appreciation of the inhabitants of the town and community management since the March 2014 elections for elected from the majority and the municipal government, studying the results in detail, this survey is a tool to assess the perception of the work undertaken and the progress points.

The actress Isabelle Adjani, "... Growing up in a housing project in Gennevilliers ..."

From an interview in the JDD August 21, Eric Mandel, journalist, with Isabelle Adjani about the film Louis Julien Petit where Isabelle Adjani plays a doctor, Carole Matthieu. The actress said: ... In this film, I play a pretty character disorder, an angel exterminator mid mid Redeemer, a doctor working entirely devoted to its mission .. In point of armoring and miss his wife's life . Eric Mandel: This devotion makes it resonate with you? Ah yes! A distant echo. Growing up in a housing project in Gennevilliers fed mainly epidermal empathy. I saw almost the plight of people in everyday life, work overwhelming, but also solidarity and the struggle for social progress. there existed a hope in motion carried by ideals that were welding people beyond the community. I remember a journalist of Humanity * who lived opposite my HLM. I was going to take refuge at his ideas abounded, his wife was organizing demonstrations, they took me to see Sacco and Vanzetti ... .. (* Isabelle Adjani speaks of journalist Jacques Coubard, now deceased, who lived and was the Agnettes editor in Humanity.)

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President's word

Dear hosts,

You have just moved there, you come to work or you come to visit, Gennevilliers and its Tourist Office Syndicat d'Initiative are happy to welcome you in this Municipality in the north of the Paris region.

The Tourist Office website allows you to take a 360 ° virtual tour of our city.

From the spreading fields of Paris sewers from the 19th to the 20th century, Gennevilliers has become a modern, united and daring city.

  • Gennevilliers the industrialist with its very high technology companies,
  • Gennevilliers and its river port that you can visit during a cruise on the Seine,
  • Cultural Gennevilliers with its National Theater, its conservatory, its libraries-media libraries and its spaces for artistic and plastic creations,
  • Gennevilliers the sportswoman with its nautical and fitness center, its rugby, football, athletics, tennis stadiums, its equestrian center and its innumerable gymnasiums. All these infrastructures are linked by the green belt, its recreation and leisure parks which cross Gennevilliers.
  • Gennevilliers la festive with its three-year parade of floats made by the Gennevillois, piloted by the House of Cultural Development and all the events organized by volunteers from the Tourist Office.

Our site allows you to find other information on the hotel industry, catering, the agenda of Associations and their activities.

The Tourist Office, its reception staff and volunteers are at your entire disposal to meet your needs and accompany you on your visit to Gennevilliers.

Enjoy your stay and see you soon.

Enjoy your visit

Noel Joubert President of the OTSI